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Real Estate in Santiago, Cape Verde

Santiago is the largest and most populated of the Cape Verde Islands and the most African in its culture. Unlike the other major Islands in the archipelago, its boasts a lush green landscape coupled with towering mountains.

With less overseas exposure than Sal Island, Santiago property prices are extremely competitive and with a population less than 250,000, it still offers investors secluded luxury. In addition, Cape Verde maintains a policy of imposing no restrictions on foreigners owning real estate.

At Sunshine Estates, we work with a large number of local estate agents and property developers in order to offer a wide selection of properties for sale in Santiago.

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View from the Mountains

Santiago is home to Cape Verde’s capital city, Praia. The island is rich in African culture and is always busy with festivals. Outside the main town and resorts, the landscape is stunning - lush forests, searing mountains and valleys abound – most notably the ranges of Pico d’Antonia, and Malagueta.

Santiago also offers miles of sandy beaches and possesses ideal conditions for fishing, diving and other water sports.

Santiago certainly offers a unique experience to those seeking a real estate investment in Cape Verde. Whilst tourism is centred around Sal, Santiago provides a greater cultural experience and appeals to those who want seclusion and modern luxury coupled with a North African culture. For this reason, Santiago is experiencing high growth in the tourism sector fuelling real estate growth. Most analysts agreed that Santiago will become a very popular tourist hub for the discerning European tourist.


Flights are available to Santiago currently from Portugal via TAP Airlines. Check for direct flights from the UK.

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