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Real Estate in Sal, Cape Verde

In line with the growth in tourism, property prices grown but remain significantly below other investment locations in Europe. There are no restrictions for foreigners owning real estate in Sal and prices remain competitive when compared to other sun-blessed locations.

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- Sal Island

Secluded Beach
Surfers Paradise

Sal Island boasts the most established of the two international airports in the archipelago plus miles of palm lined sandy beaches.

Accordingly, Sal has developed as the busiest of all Cape Verde Islands, particularly for those interested in water sports such as scuba diving.

Moreover, the government is seeking to expand the popularity of the island and has invested heavily in the tourism sector.

Sal is also the most cosmopolitan of the Islands with a busy nightlife. It must be noted however, that the Island is not developed on a scale equal to other Islands in the Atlantic (e.g. Tenerife). With a population of circa 15,000 Sal still offers property investors a secluded retreat coupled with modern day infrastructure and facilities.

A flat island, Sal is designed primarily for sun worshippers with summer temperatures topping 28°C (83°F) and over 340 days of sun per year.

The best beaches are between the airport and Santa Maria in the south. The island’s capital, Santa Maria, is a picturesque town, flowing with pastel colours, crystal blue waters and intimate coves.


Flights are available to Sal currently from Portugal via TAP Airlines. From November 2006, direct flights are available from the UK.

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