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Real Estate in Maio, Cape Verde

Maio is an idyllic island offering peace and seclusion in guaranteed sunshine. The Island is benefiting from the overall increased demand for real estate in Cape Verde.

Less developed than some of the other Islands in the archipelago, Maio will appeal to those investors who are seeking medium to long term growth.

Some new projects for modern villas and apartments are underway but not to the scale seen in its larger neighbouring islands. As with all of the Cape Verde islands, no restrictions are applied to foreigners buying real estate.

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About Maio Island - Maio Island

Isolated Beach on Maio

The main town on the Island is Vila do Maio (Porto Ingles) where flights are available from the International airports of Santiago, Sal, and Boa Vista.

The landscape of Maio is predominantly barren and flat. The beaches on the Island consist of white sand but often require a car or jeep to reach since they are often hidden from the roads. With a population of under 6,000 finding isolated beaches is always a good possibility. Due to the secluded nature of the Island it is a haven for natural wildlife including sea turtles.

Maio is almost lost in the past with few signs of the modern world. The locals are renowned for their warmth.


To reach Maio, connections must be made from the airports on the neighbouring Islands of Sal, Santiago or Boa Vista. Several ferries are also available (the island lies just 30 km north east of Santiago).

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