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Olive Grove Il Germoglio for sale in Cagliari countryside

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Olive Grove Il Germoglio -
It is perfect if you want to produce your olive oli close to home –
In Serdiana, in Cagliari hinterland, we offer a beautiful olive grove, about 3 km to the village.

In Serdiana, near Località Is Paulis, olive grove Il Germoglio is about 3 km from the village, in Parteolla region, well known in Sardinia for olive farming.
Olive grove Il Germoglio is a very well kept cultivation, in a 8200 sqm land, and has 100 olive trees already producing.
Exempt from obligation of energy certification.
Price: euro30.000. -

Serdiana info
Serdiana - probably name of Proto-Sardinian origin - is in Parteolla area, in the province of Cagliari. The village is about 20 km. from the capital of the island and is located near the pond "Su Stani Saliu," which has a rich bird life, including flamingos and knights of Italy. Surface: 55 km2 - Altitude: 171 m. - Population: about 2600 (2014)
Around the village, low hills are covered by fragrant stretches of Mediterranean vegetation with myrtle trees, mastic, juniper, wild olive trees and some oak forests.
Serdiana bases its economy on agriculture - mainly grapes and olives - sheep-farming and tourism, mainly food and wine; the territory of Serdiana, in fact, is home to some of the most renowned wineries in Sardinia and Italy, and hosts "Calici di Stelle" every late summer.
Inhabited since the Nuraghic period, the area of Serdiana was densely populated in Roman times, as evidenced by the discovery of some imperial era ceramics - in località Mitza de Urnus, near the village - and by the remains of a Roman spa, reused as burial, in Località Sa Gora.
The urban layout of the village still reflects the original settlement, which developed around the public wells and the parish church. The buildings of the old centre in Serdiana, built with "ladiri" (mud brick) with their characteristic "lollas

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