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Land in Bulgaria near the sea - a profitable investment funds.

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We offer you a plot of land for construction, located in the district of Varna lake.

On the sale of a large plot - 14,574 sq.m. Located in an area with. Konstantinovo. Region is a new urban plan of Varna.
Location of the site is brilliant - 12 km from Varna. Beautiful view of the city and the lake and the fact that this plot of land is included in the new plan of the city, and at the same time is close to the area intended for the Golf Course, make an extremely attractive property.

Why buy land in Bulgaria

Investing in land is a prized investment for several reasons.

• Land prices in Bulgaria are fairly low compared with other European countries. Especially for sites located in rural areas.

• Plots with the possibility of building - the perfect choice for people who want to develop business in Bulgaria. Availability of building permits will allow investors to develop their business and recoup investments.

• Land, located in the seashore or ski resort, will only get more expensive. Purchase and subsequent sale of land in Bulgaria best locations - another option profit.

Under the new plan of the city of Varna, the site is included in the "resort area" and is located next to the new project "Marina Bay development".

Several reasons that make the city of Varna, worthy of attention.

Varna - best city to live in Bulgaria for two consecutive years - 2007 and 2008. And just last year only 1 point conceded Sofia on the main criteria of comfort living, namely: a favourable climate; presence and quantity of cultural events, as well as institutions, schools, universities; night drugstore, shops, schools; intensity of landscaping, ample hanging, low crime, etc..

Varna is officially recognised by the seaside capital of Bulgaria. Like any city, proclaimed capital Varna concentrates many investment flows that are sent to the various sectors of the economy - tourism, transport, transportation, industrial and residential construction, etc.. Due to its investment attractiveness of Varna and richer every year becomes more and more attractive.

Varna - warm city. Average winter temperatures are never below the "0" and the summer range between 23-26 degrees Celsius. Spring starts in March and the first cherries and strawberries appear in mid-May.

Varna - not boring city. Izkustvenny largest park in Bulgaria - the Sea Garden in Varna, created in 1896. The length of the park from the southern to the northern-most point of it - 6 km. It has many incredible places for recreation and entertainment - Aquarium, Dolphinarium, Zoo, Planetarium, summer theatre, a huge number of cosy cafes and restaurants, children's playground with attractions and lake with boats. Two main pedestrian streets - "Slivnitsa" and "Knyaz Boris I" - are among the best in Bulgaria. "Slivnitsa" goes directly to the sea, "Knyaz Boris I" - is 5 miles of shops, restaurants and the nicest towns.

Varna - the only city in Bulgaria, except for the capital, which has Russian Cultural Center, opened in early 2009 and is home to most Russians!

Varna - the only city in Bulgaria, except for the capital, which has a Russian school.

Varna - the first city in Bulgaria, which was discovered a wonderful shop Russian goods "Birch". Here you can buy now salty bacon, dumplings, salmon caviar, sauerkraut and even known worldwide for its healing properties, cranberries, gathered at the Siberian swamps. Curd cheese, condensed milk, and of course, cakes, drying, crackers - favourite sweets for tea.

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  • Golf Course
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