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Property in the Tatra Mountains for sale, Slovakia

The Tatra Mountains are one of the most beautiful regions in central Europe and provides a selection of beautiful traditional houses – typically wooden cottages in the country and stone buildings in the towns. With overseas investors now discovering the region, property prices are increasing at over 10% per year leading many analysts to consider this to be the best region for a Slovakian property investment. At Sunshine Estates, we have built long-term relationship with local Estate Agents to order to provide both local knowledge and a wide selection of property for sale in the Tatra mountains.

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Traditional Cottage

Presov region in the northeast of Slovakia includes the High Tatras Mountain range with its Gerlach peak at 2655 meters above sea level. High Tatras is a real magnet for foreign tourists with its beautiful untouched nature dissected by thousands of tourist paths and tracks. On both sides of the mountain range, one can ramble through wine-producing valleys and a scenic countryside of hilltop castles and traditional log barns.

The town of High Tatras is a central part of The Tatra National Park (Tanap) which covers an area of 74,111 hectares. It is the oldest and largest national park in the Slovak Republic. . Hiking and skiing out of marked trails is permitted with a certified UIAGM mountain guide.

The densely forested hills of the Low Tatras (Nizke Tatry) run parallel to the High Tatras, sprawling between the valleys of the Vah and Hron rivers. They form the center of an 810 square kilometer (311 square mile) national park packed with thick forests, indigenous wildlife, and hidden caves. From the top of Dumbier, you can see Hungary, the edge of Poland and almost all of Slovakia!

As the most well-known area, the High Tatras has excellent tourist infrastructure to welcome sight-seeing visitors, and those who come to take advantage of its slopes for skiing in the winter and hiking in the summer. Spis, the Strazky Castle, the Cerveny Klastor Monastery, the wooden churches in Hranicne, Potoky and the historic center of Bardejov are the region's top attractions. Slovakia’s tourism industry has grown remarkably since independence. By the late 1990s the country was receiving more than 500,000 visitors each year.


Fly to Prague, Vienna or Budapest and take the overnight train to Poprad, gateway to the Tatras. Poprad lies along the main Bratislava-Košice corridor. It's four hours by IC train, five hours by regular express train, and about four hours by car from Bratislava. Train connections to other Tatra towns begin in Poprad.

Alternatively, certain times during year the discount airline Danube Wings www.danubewings.eu offers direct flights from M.R. Stefanik Airport in Bratislava to Poprad-Tatry International Airport, providing access to four National Parks in the area.

Access to the Tatras is made supremely easy by the electric railway (TEZ) which runs from Poprad across the length of the High Tatras, passing the mouths of almost every valley on the south side in the process.

Routes from Bratislava to: Presov (1 daily; 7hr); Kosice (6 daily; 5hr-6hr 15min); Poprad-Tatry (6 daily; 4hr-5hr 30min).