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The continuing demand for property in Tallinn has been driven by Estonia's European Union membership, an excellent business environment and the city's proximity to the Nordic capital's of Stockholm and Helsinki.

The country's disciplined economic policy, combined with an educated and multi-lingual work force, has contributed to attracting all types of investors to the capital city, including companies and individuals. Foreigners in Estonia can freely buy and sell residential real estate with no restrictions, and completion can take less than a month.

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During the Middle Ages and the Hanseatic League, 70 Baltic Sea cities formed the most dominating trading bloc in the world of which the area of today’s Estonia was much sought after.

In the recent decade, Estonia has become one of the most direct and favorable transit corridors to reach the developing eastern markets and Tallinn provides international standard facilities as the second largest port of the Baltic Sea after St. Petersburg.

The modern Baltic region consists of ten countries with a combined population of 90 million people encompassing a mix of countries bordering the Baltic Sea such as Germany, Scandinavia, the Baltic States, Poland and North-West Russia.

Tallinn is a unique combination of charming medieval and traditional Estonian architecture and the practical building of the Soviet era. Visitors and foreign investors alike are attracted to Tallinn by its cultural similarities to the major Scandinavian cities, its quaint medieval charm, a well-educated and skilled work force, and the availability of modern technologies.

Differences in cost levels between the Scandinavian countries and the emerging markets of the Baltics offer companies an ideal opportunity to combine the advantages of the different parts of the region. Tallinn has a long history as a port open to the rest of the world for trade and commerce. The ongoing and unmet demand for real estate in Tallinn, evidences the strong interest and continued influx of investment in the city.


Estonian Air flies 15 regular routes in Europe, from Tallinn to Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Gothenburg, Hamburg, Kiev, London (Gatwick), Moscow, Munich, Oslo, Paris, Stockholm and Vilnius.

For discount airlines, try Ryanair or Easyjet to Tallinn from various UK and European cities.