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Molise is one of the cheapest of all regions in Italy to purchase property. With consistent depopulation since 1950 there are plenty of deserted farmhouse ruins awaiting renovation. Building costs are under the Italian average. Property prices are increasing slowly - accordingly Molise offers only long-term returns on investment. However, it is expected that demand for property in Molise will increase as investors discover the low prices and tourism increases.
Perhaps the most sensible option is to buy property as a holiday home. Molise offers 40km of sandy, peaceful beaches with a backdrop of wild and unspoilt hills and mountains.

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About Molise - Molise

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Molise lies south of Abruzzo and north of Puglia. It is a small region of hilly terrain, dotted by castles and untouched beauty. Small solitary villages cling to the hillsides and farmers still maintain their land by traditional methods. Large parts of Molise are covered by nature reserves - so untouched is Molise that UNESCO has chosen it for two of its four Italian biosphere locations.

In recent years has tourism here begun to expand and small holiday resorts have appeared in the mountain centres of Capracotta, Pescopennataro, Frosolone and Campitello Matese - a winter sports resort. The Adriatic coast offers wide, sandy beaches with clean water. The main seaside resorts are Petacciato Marina, Marino di Montanero, Campomarino and Termoli.

Local farming concentrates on wheat and potatoes with vineyards and olive groves on the coast. The region produces its own red wine including Montepulciano di Molise and Aglianico. Local dishes include ‘Calcioni’, fried ravioli filled with ricotta, ham and provolone cheese and ‘Macche’, baked slices of polenta with bacon or sausage.


Use regularly scheduled major airlines to fly into Rome or Naples and get a connecting flight to Campobasso Airport. Once in Campobasso, rent a car or hire a driver for the 45 minutes drive to Frosolone. It is always possible to reach Molise by car from Rome or Naples which lie between 100-150 kilometres to the east. Discount airlines fly only to neighbouring Abruzzo, where Ryanair flies to Pescara’s International Airport several times per week from London Stansted or Frankfurt Hahn. The drive from Pescara is circa 2 hours.


The summers in Molise are very warm with little rain averaging 24°C (75 °F). The winters are cold and the mountains remain covered by snow for many months.

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