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Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia, located in the very heart of the country. It is a young city with a lively atmosphere and strong Slovenian culture.
Ljubljana, alongside the Adriatic Coast and Ski resorts, is leading the way with regards to attracting overseas investors. Between 1994 and 2004, prices increased 10% but since EU accession in 2004, have increased 15-20% in 2 years (source: ‘A Place in the Sun’).

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With a population of less than 300,000, Ljubljana is one of the smallest European capitals. Slovenia was the first Yugoslav Republic to declare independence and has proactively sought greater links to the west and encouraged the growth in tourism.

Ljubljana reflects this ‘buzz of anticipation’ and has removed almost all relics to the grey communist past, creating a lively and beautiful city dominated by it’s 12th century castle, fully restored and now home to many summer events and festivals. The city also boasts numerous theatres, museums and galleries – indeed the city offers over 10 international festivals each year including: Ljubljana Summer Festival (Mid July – End September) Ljubljana Graphics Biennial (Mid June – End September) Ljubljana Jazz Festival (July)


Ljubljana enjoys 4 full seasons with warm summer temperatures between 23-25 °C (73 – 77 °F) and cold winters between 2-3 °C.


EasyJet offer regular flights from London Stansted to Brnik airport which lies 20 km outside of Ljubljana.