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Property in Lake Balaton, Hungary

Lake Balaton (the “Hungarian Sea”) is located due West Hungary. Europes’ largest freshwater lake, it is Hungary’s most frequented resort.

The southern shores are ideal for young families with sandy, grassy beaches and shallow water averaging 4 metres in depth. Consequently, the water is very warm averaging 20-22 °C (68 - 72 °F) in summer. The northern shore is deeper and home to a number of water sports including the Sailing Masters World Championship 2005. Sailing and windsurfing is permitted and wake boarding is possible at a number of points on the lake.

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The northern shore is home to 25 lakeside resorts catering to water sports. The southern shore is dominated by 70 km of sandy beach with a number of small resorts scattered along the coast. To get around, cycling enthusiasts should note that the Balaton Cycle Path encircles the lake. To learn more visit the Balaton Tourism Board.

To reach Balaton, flights can be made to Budapest followed by a 120 km drive to the east shore.

Alternatively direct flights can be made to FlyBalaton Airport, located on the western shore, as follows:

  1. London - (Ryanair) - www.ryanair.com (tel: +36 83 554042)
  2. Berlin & Stuttgart - (MALÉV) - www.malev.hu
  3. Dortmund & Leipzig - (DauAir) www.dauair.com
  4. Zurich - (Helvetic) - www.helvetic.com