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Property in Krakow is currently an excellent investment due to the city’s beauty and continued growth in property prices. The prices for modern apartments in the city centre are increasing at 10% to over 20% per annum while gross rental yields are currently running at 6% - 8%. Apartments in a decent neighbourhood typically rent at 800 euros (£500 or $1000) per sq. m. Building plots in Krakow typically sell at 30 euros (£20 or $40) per sq. m.
Citizens of the European Union, Norway and Liechtenstein are free to purchase and own any real estate in Poland excluding farmland and forests. With regards to land, foreigners are able to buy land up to 0.4 hectare (i.e. about an acre) in urban areas. All foreigners may also inherit any property.

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Krakow lies in the southern part of Poland on the Vistula River in a valley at the foot of the Carpathian Plateau, 219 metres above sea level. Warsaw, the capital, lies 300 km north with the beautiful Tatra Mountains positioned just 100 km south.


Krakow possesses a distinct medieval architectural layout – from the city`s roofs you will see an exceptional checked pattern of streets which are surrounded by fragments of the surviving city walls. This view evokes the exciting picture of a medieval fortified town surrounded by city walls. The city is extremely ‘green’ with the major attraction, ‘Oval City Park’ extending from the Royal Castle to the Royal Castle.

Benefiting from its geographical location, Krakow aims to become the meeting place of many cultures – the Central European city of culture, art and science. Several universities are located in Krakow and senior members of Polish culture reside in Krakow. Krakow was named as the City of European Culture in 2000.


Krakow is the 4th largest economy in Poland, dominated by metallurgic, tobacco, and pharmaceutical industries. The share of the private sector in Krakow industry has considerably increased during recent years and now represents the largest employer.

There are seven central bank offices located in Krakow, and 40 other banks have their branch offices in this city. The city also hosts The Chamber of Craftsmanship, The Chamber of Industry and Commerce, The National Chamber of Economy, The Krakow Chamber of Tourism, The Krakow Congregation of Merchants, The Industrial Society of Krakow, The Polish Association of Christian Businessmen, The Association of Private Transport, The Association of Private Real Estate Owners, and other institutions responsible for promoting business.


Krakow possesses a temperate climate. The peak summer temperature in July averages between 18° - 20° C. Winters are cold with January averaging temperatures of -2° to -4° C.


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