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Property in North Cyprus

Property in North Cyprus offers the opportunity to be at the right place at the right time, before the expected rise in property prices. Property prices are now said to be half those of the South, but as the North is discovered by foreign investors this is likely to change. In the last five years more than three thousand foreigners have bought property in Northern Cyprus.

The recent property boom in Northern Cyprus has seen the demand for new developments continue with reasonable prices providing good value for money, and expected stability with a focus toward future European Union membership.

With the property market relatively undeveloped compared to its Southern neighbours, the current property boom is expected to provide growth potential to investors over the next decade.

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- Cyprus (North)

Typical New Villa in Kyrenia

North Cyprus is frequently referred to as the last unspoiled country in the Mediterranean. With its location in the Eastern Mediterranean as a historical crossroads and all year round sunshine, the region is drenched in cultural history, stunning scenery and friendly, hospitable locals.

The coastline offers fine, uncrowded beaches where you can still arrive and enjoy being the only one there. The mountains provide a lovely backdrop to the beaches but are very well worth visiting in themselves.

Around Kyrenia in the "Garden of Cyprus" you’ll find the wild beauty of the magnificent Karpas peninsula amongst the wild flowers, splendour of eucalyptus trees, Mediterranean forests of Scots pine and cypress trees. Pathways leading up to medieval castles or hidden monasteries offer unforgettable attractions for nature lovers.

About 30 minutes drive from Kyrenia at Alagadi Beach, you can join the strong conservation efforts to monitor and promote the protected species of turtles. The beaches of North Cyprus are selected by the turtles to lay their eggs during the months of July and August.


North Cyprus has direct air links only with Turkey, where all planes from Europe must first touch down. Cyprus Turkish Airlines and Turkish Airlines have scheduled flights to Northern Cyprus where you can connect via a number of cities including Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, Adana or Antalya. These two airlines also provide regular scheduled daily flights to Ercan Airport from the UK, Turkey and Germany.

Scheduled ferryboats travel from Girne (Kyrenia) and Magusa (Famagusta) to Turkey's south coast ports of Mersin, Alanya and Tasucu.

In the summer "express ferries" take only two hours from Tasucu to Girne, and four hours from Alanya to Girne. They are inexpensive and comfortable