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Beach Property in Belize

A stable political system and economy coupled with a stunning ecosystem has encouraged many investors (most notably from the US and Canada) to turn attention to this small Central American democracy.

Investment is concentrating on the Caribbean coast, home to 300 miles of sandy beach and the world’s 2nd largest coral reef.

Property prices along the coastline are increasing at 30% per annum. The trend is being supported by generous government incentives for local and foreign investors interested in developing resorts and supporting infrastructure – as long as developments comply with the country's strict environmental regulations.

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- Caribbean Coastline

Coral Reef

This coastline is home to the country’s best known feature - its coral reef which stretches the length of the entire country and is second in size only to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

The coast also has much to offer with regards to cultural and natural attractions including areas of tropical rain forests, rivers and lagoons – this ensures a significant niche in eco-tourism. The main regions along the coast are:

Northern Belize

Covering the two districts of Orange Walk and Corozal, the north is home to ancient cities including the temples at Lamanai. Further inland, the region contains jungles, rainforests and coastal lagoons.

Stann Creek

The journey to this region in the South is dominated by breathtaking views of the rainforests and the Maya Mountains. In Cockscomb Basin you can view the lush broadleaf tropical forests.


This region in the south is famous for its white sand beaches and brilliant blue waters – ideal for diving, fishing and snorkeling.

How to Get There

Direct flights to Belize City Airport are available from London, Los Angeles, New York Miami, Florida, Houston, Washington D.C and Toronto.

Flight times from the southern United States are just over 2 hours.