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Bratislava, located in the foothills of the Lower Carpathian Mountains and divided by the Danube river, is the capital and largest city of Slovakia and has a population of more than 400,000 inhabitants.
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Located only 60 kilometres from Vienna, the city can trace its history to before the 10th century when it became a border fortress of the Hungarian kingdom. Bratislava was originally known as Pressburg, and played an important part in the military history of the region.

The city centre has excellent shopping with many specialist boutiques. Around Hlavne nam, the main square in the old quarter, are many historical buildings and open-air cafes.

The Old Town offers a multitude of restaurants, bars, and cafés, offering all kinds of food from modern to traditional Slovak cuisine.

Bratislava hrad (Bratislava Castle) is situated on a plateau 270 feet above the Danube, and a must see for any new visitor to the city. Although the current castle has been destroyed and re-built several times during its long history (most recently between 1953 and 1962), the site where the castle is located has been occupied since the late Stone Age.

During the reign of the Roman empire from the 1st to 5th centuries BC, it was a frontier post. From the upper floor, there are great views of the River Danube as far as Austria and Hungary.


M.R. Stefanik Airport in Bratislava is located 9 kms northeast of the city centre and the main international airport of Slovakia. For discount airlines, try Ryanair.com from London Stansted, Luton and a variety of other UK and European cities.

Bus line 61 operates between the Central Station in Bratislava and the airport between 05.00 and 23.00. At peak times this service leaves every ten minutes, and every 20 minutes outside of peak hours.