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Malta remains a very popular destination for overseas investors. The Islands are modern, clean and welcoming with a 'British Style'. English is widely spoken and the healthcare system offers reciprocal relationships with most nations including the UK. The climate consists of hot and dry summers and mild winters.

At Sunshine Estates, we have partnered with a number of English-speaking Real Estate Agents enabling us to provide a wide selection of property for sale in Malta. Consider Reasons to Buy in Malta.

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About Malta Island - Malta Island

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Located south of Sicily in the Mediterranean, the strategic position of Malta, Gozo and Comino has made these islands a crossroads of history. You might recognise the Maltese Cross? It is the insignia of the Knights of Malta who were in charge of the islands for 270 years, building magnificent churches and monuments before losing power to Napoleon and the French empire in 1889. The two official languages of the Republic are Maltese and English, leftover from about 160 years of British colonization and then remaining part of the Commonwealth when it became independent in 1964.

An abundance of archaeological finds to discover, recent research has shown that the earliest Neolithic temples on Malta are about 1,000 years older than the famous pyramids of Giza. On the north side of the island lie Malta’s most beautiful beaches including Mellieha Bay, Paradise Bay, Ghajn Tuffieha and Golden Sands. With its clear water and temperatures averaging 23° C, diving is a favourite attraction with sites to discover from reefs to wartime shipwrecks.

Malta's nightlife is mainly located in the central part of Malta, namely around St Julian's and Sliema, two suburbs of Valletta. Choose from one of the wide range of excellent restaurants and don’t forget to try to Maltese wine. Malta is also well known for its handcrafted lace, glass blowing and local pottery.


Flights to Malta can be found from over 20 UK airports including all major airports. Flights to Malta from London Heathrow will take just over 3 hours with up to 14 flights a week and from London Gatwick 13 flights a week. Air Malta also operates regular scheduled flights from Manchester, Birmingham and Glasgow.

A regular ferry service carries passengers and cars between Malta and Gozo. The trip takes about 30 minutes.