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Situated 350 kilometres south of Paris, the region of Limousin is the traditional heartland of France and is located on a series of rolling plateaus in the northwestern part of the Massif Central. It borders Auvergne to the east, Midi-Pyrenees to the south and Poitou-Charente to the west.

Due to its location next to the Dordogne, Limousin is becoming more popular with second homebuyers. Certainly for those keen on an ambitious restoration project, run-down or abandoned properties can still be found. Both living costs and property in Limousin are still cheaper than in its neighboring regions and this sparsely populated area remains largely undiscovered by foreigners.

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Known as “the land of a thousand lakes”, this stunningly beautiful region is a water sports lover’s paradise. Its deep gorges, numerous rivers and 1,000+ lakes are excellent territory for fishing, kayaking, canoeing, rafting, water polo, waterskiing and sailing. Many of the larger lakes also have trails specifically designed for walking and pony trekking.

Limousin is essentially a rural region most famous for its beef farming. It is a region of stunning natural beauty that is also steeped in history and tradition. There are plenty of charming chateaux, ancient churches, pretty medieval towns and villages to explore.

Limousin consists of the three departments of Correze, Creuse and Haute-Vienne.

·         Haute-Vienne is home to the capital of the region, Limoges, which has long been famous for its production of enamel and fine china. Limoges is a lively university town and in late September you can watch the many concerts and drama productions as writers, dramatists and musicians gather at the Festival des Francophonies.

·         Correze is home to 5000 kilometres of streams and rivers, and more than 400 hectares of reservoirs and man-made water recreation areas. Holidaymakers will be spoilt for choice with the wide variety of activities available between the four water sport centers found at Argentat, Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne, Objat and Tulle. For the more adventurous, it is also possible to try hang-gliding, winched flights, micro light flying, paragliding and hot air ballooning. All amazing and different ways to see the sights of the area.

·         Creuse is one of the least populated departments in France, named after the Creuse River. Set in the valley, the peaceful Creuse River runs by village after village, with Crozant being made most famous by Monet’s painting. Ideal for the angler, the rivers of Creuse are full of trout, trench, roach, carp and pike. The clear waters of the Creuse have also enabled the area to become a historical centre for making coloured dyes used in tapestry and rug making. The tapestries and rugs of the department have been famous throughout the world since the 14th Century, with the foyer carpet of the Empire State Building in New York City probably the most famous example in modern times.


Direct flights to Limoges are available from London Stansted, Liverpool and Southampton. The new B

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