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Limassol and its region in the south west corner of South Cyprus is the largest of all the popular Cyprus island destinations. Even in winter with its daytime high temperatures around 16C. The subtropical climate of Limassol makes it an ideal place to live and invest in property.

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Sites around Limassol are plentiful and within a short drive away, visitors will not be disappointed. The Kolossi Castle is situated just outside Limassol and it towers over a countryside full of vineyards. Access to the castle is by crossing a short drawbridge, which in ancient times was defended from high above by pouring boiling oil onto the heads of prospective invaders. A spiral staircase takes you up to the roof and the restored battlements. The castle was built by the Order of St John of Jerusalem in the 13th century and was restored in 1933 by the British.

Just west of Limassol, the Temple of Kourion (Curium) is home to several Greek and Roman ruins and classical music concerts and Shakespearean plays are occasionally staged in the amphitheatre.

Located next to the theatre is the Villa of Eustolios which is a summer house built by a wealthy Christian. Close by is a wonderful partially rebuilt Roman stadium.

The Troodos Mountains are always a welcome natural attraction and a comfortable alternative to the heat of Limassol. Most popular with hikers, this mountain area has pleasant walking trails, ancient monasteries, winemaking villages and even a ski resort.

While Platres, the principal resort in the south of the region was originally a colonial hill station, in the western Troodos you will find Pedoulas which is home to the Church of Arhangelos Mihail.

The Solea district, in the north of the region is dotted with picturesque villages and monasteries throughout.


Taxi transfer from Larnaca International Airport. Connections can also be made in the local shared taxis (dolmus) which connect Larnaca to Limassol.

Cyprus Airways and British Airways offer direct regularly scheduled flights from London Heathrow to Larnaca International Airport.

Other European carriers including Air France, KLM, Alitalia and Olympic Airways also offer direct flights during the high season from their major capital hubs.

Charter flights operate from major city airports throughout the UK, but schedules may be limited in the winter season.