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Durban is regarded as one of the most interesting locations in South Africa for property investments. Analysts predict significant capital appreciation for both commercial and residential property in the next 4-5 years. House prices are significantly below comparable property in the Western Cape.

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Durban Beach

The local government and a number of private institutions are investing heavily in developing the Durban infrastructure:

  1. The local Municipality has budgeted R300m over the next three to five years for investment in infrastructure in and around the Durban Point development area for the provision of electricity, road extensions, landscaping and beachfront rehabilitation.
  2. The eThekwini Municipality has been working on its iTRUMP or Inner Thekwini Regeneration and Urban Management Programme which focuses on improving specified Inner city areas including the entire Point area. This multi-faceted initiative also incorporates a ‘Better Buildings Programme’ in which dysfunctional buildings in terms of their use and or condition, including several in the Point area, have been targeted and either earmarked for improvement or closure.
  3. uShaka Marine World in Durban Point, opened in May 2004, is expected to attract 1,2m visitors in its first year of operation. It is seen as a catalyst for the future development of the Durban Point development area.

With serious long-term investment in infrastructure, coupled with miles of pristine coastline and a year round sub tropical climate, Durban should be a serious consider for a property investment.

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