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Corn Island

Although predominating on the Pacific Coast, Corn Island is also benefiting from the overall interest in Nicaragua. Property prices have been increasing by double-digits and are expected to continue as tourism growth exceeds 600% since 1997.

Corn Island is located in the Caribbean Sea, circa 50 miles of the eastern coast of Nicaragua. Both Big and Little Corn Islands are extremely secluded and home to little more than 3,000 residents – most local speak Spanish and English.

Corn Island boasts over 5,000 meters of white sand beach and crystal water, perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and other water sports. Highlights of Corn Island include its coral reefs surrounding the island, over 3 metres deep with visibility up to 100 metres.

Pearl Keys – just 20 miles from Corn Island, the keys are practically unexplored and their clear waters are ideal for fishing and diving.