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In Tuscany, one of the most popular holiday regions in Europe for Americans and the British, the property prices have been on the rise for many years. Similarly, the Italians have rediscovered their old stone houses in this lovely region. Prices vary enormously depending upon the part of Tuscany you are interested in, with properties along the coasts of small fishing villages and modern yachting ports, and in the north, substantially more expensive than in the interior and further south.
Tuscany, and in particular, between Florence and Siena, has seen price rises in recent years close to 40 per cent. The construction costs are substantially lower in Italy than in England or the States, so the appreciation gained from the restoration of a country house or farmhouse ruin may pay for itself.

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Typical Tuscan Stonehouse
Map of Tuscany

Tuscany lies on the Mediterranean and is mountainous with a flat area beside the sea. The coastline presents different aspects, offering both long sandy expanses and headlands.

Tuscany contains many cultural and beautiful cities, including Florence, Siena, Pisa, Luca, Arezzo and San Gimignano to name a few. An overwhelming beautiful landscape combined with its cities of cultural and artistic prominence, as well as the famous wine-making regions, unite to bring one of the most desired regions for investment and tourists from all over the world.

Northern Tuscany is dominated by Florence, the city that once conquered the whole of Tuscany. Just east and north of Pisa, home of the “Leaning Tower” and birthplace of scientist Galileo Galilei, and through the mountains is the intriguing walled city of Lucca.

Then traveling south, don’t miss Chianti, home of the famous red wine, and a lovely, low mountainous region with vast wooded areas, vine covered hills and olive groves. The Chianti region provides visitors with interesting local festivals during the harvest season September - October, and a perfect position for day trips to Florence and Siena.

The fortified city of San Gimignano, declared in the 1930's a historic landmark, is probably the most popular tourist stop as well as the most photographed hill town in Italy with 17 of its 70 towers still remaining.

Siena, which includes parts of the wine regions of Chianti Classico, Brunello and Vino Nobile, brings you castles, vast wooded regions, vineyards, rolling hills of grain, spas, low mountains, with much to explore. The city itself has managed to control motor traffic within its walled city, and remains a vibrant and popular tourist attraction in the region.

The coastal region of Tuscany stretches from the northern area dominated by Pisa, to the area around Grosseto and the historic Isola d'Elba where Etruscans dug for ore and silver and Napoleon Bonaparte was exiled until his last stand at Waterloo.


Scheduled and chartered flights to Florence and Pisa can be found from over 22 UK airports and most major European cities.

Flying from North America, the major European airlines will often connect to Florence from their European hub.

Discount airline Ryanair flies to Pisa regularly from London Stansted, Brussels, Dublin, East Midlands, Edinburgh, Frankfurt-Hahn, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool and Hamburg.

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