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Property Investments in Montenegro

The potential for capital appreciation in Montenegro is significant. Property prices are very competitive even to when compared to its neighbours – e.g. 25% less than Croatia. In addition, tourism and foreign investment demonstrates consistent growth. Accordingly, during the peak holiday season it is currently difficult to find vacant holiday properties. We estimate the annual gross yield of rental properties to be between 7-9%.

Since a reciprocal arrangement exists between the UK and Montenegro there are no restrictions in buying and selling property (except for land which requires a company to be registered in Montenegro). 

At Sunshine Estates we only work with estate agents and property developers with the best local knowledge you help you find the right home or investment for you.

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Where is Montenegro?

Montenegro is located on the Adriatic Sea, immediately below Croatia

Why consider a property investment in Montenegro?

  1. Property prices circa 30-50% below Croatia prices with growth of over 75% since 2002 No restrictions on buying and selling property for UK Investors (except for land which requires a company to be registered in Montenegro)
  2. A country of stunning natural beauty ranging from sandy beaches (over 250 km), striking fjords, a number of UNESCO-protected National parks and ski resorts
  3. A warm climate averaging 25°C (77°F) in summer and over 230 days of sunshine A stable political system and economy 
  4. Tourism growing at 17% per year with a strong desire to maintain the ecological balance in the country
  5. Use of the Euro since 2002 and plans to join both NATO and the European Union

Where should I invest?

Property investment is focused in 2 main areas:

  1. Kotor Bay Fjords (circa 70% of all property sales to overseas investors)
  2. Adriatic Beach (circa 25%)

Kotor Bay Fjord - this region lies in the north end of the coast. Principal towns are Kotor, Herceg Novi and Tivat. Properties are typically built directly on the ocean front with breathtaking backdrops

Adriatic Beach – this line of the coast, stretching from Budva to the south of the region includes major towns of Sveti Stefan and Bar. This region is typically less mountainous with stretches of soft sandy beaches

How is the Tourism Market?

  1. The World Travel and Tourism Council estimate that by 2014, tourism will have grown 400% from 2004. The WTTC places Montenegro as the 3rd fastest growing tourist destinations in the world.
  2. Already, over 80 tour operators from more than 15 countries organise holiday packages to Montenegro, including 6 in the UK Between 200-2004, the number of British tourists increased by 156%
  3. Montenegro is particularly committed to ecotourism which does not damage the country’s natural balance

How is the Poilitical  Situation?

  1. Montenegro is a sovereign republic within the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (FRY). It’s government is committed to progressive reform, privatisation and the adoption of transparent regulations in cooperation with foreign organizations.
  2. In 2003,the FRY became a looser union, which now formerly constitutes the Union of Serbia and Montenegro. This has granted greater political and economic autonomy to each partner in the union.

How do you fly to Montenegro?

  1. Flights are approximately 2 hours 40 minutes from London to either of the two international airports in Montenegro (Podgorica and Tivat), and one in Croatia (Dubrovnik) which service air travel for the region.
  2. National carrier, Montenegro Airlines, operates scheduled flights to the two international airports Tivat and Podgorica. Montenegro airlines and JAT (Yugoslav Air Transport) manage scheduled flights, while a number of other companies organise flights to Podgorica, Tivat and Dubrovnik during the tourist season. Charter flights are frequent during the tourist season.
  3. Tivat Airport is 4 km away from Tivat, 20 km from Budva and Herceg Novi, 58 km from Bar. Dubrovnik airport is 24 km from Herceg Novi, 44 km from Tivat and 68 km from Budva.

What do the Analysts say?

  1. ‘A nature lover’s paradise - Montenegro is very much worth a punt’ – Channel 4’s ‘A Place in the Sun’
  2. ‘In the ongoing battle for the title Jewel of the Balkans, Montenegro may emerge as the ultimate winner. The prize: wealth-generating ribbon development along 190 miles (300km) of spectacular Adriatic coastline.’ - The Independent
  3. ‘There is no reason why...Mo